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Mar 24, 2013 5:00am PDT
youth never get a chance to play. one woman is trying to change all that. key anna martin is our "slice of life." >>> every time i chase the ball every time i attempted to score, it was -- i felt so much joy in playing. >> she started playing soccer as a child in south carolina, the only girl on a youth team. >> of course it made me a lot tougher. it forced me to be able to develop my abilities in running and keeping up with the boys. >> that toughness has helped her make her mark in pro sports. as an international athlete, a global soccer ambassador and the owner of east soccer. >> the company's mission is to introduce to underexposed communities the sport of sockcer and also inspire participants of soccer and fans of the game. >> to follow her dream took great courage because martin began her career not in a soccer field, but a law firm in atlanta. >> it was a great opportunity and position with a secure paycheck sand a predictable schedule. however, my heart yearned to go towards my dream of aspiring to play soccer in the olympics. >> at the start, there was tough times, parti
Mar 31, 2013 5:00am PDT
change underneath. liberals like the plan without english as the official language conservatives like the other plan. underlying all of this there's not a lot of trust in the federal government. only 38% of voters believe that no matter what legislation is passed, the government will be likely to try to enforce the border. only 9% believe it's very likely to do so. on another topic, maryland recently became the latest state to ban the death penalty. nationally 59% of voters favor the death
Mar 3, 2013 5:00am PST
don't know how convincing, or how powerful the holy spirit can be in changing a person's heart. i think that's one of the best, or easiest selling points for the 40 days for life campaign, is there are so many of us that, you know, have had a change of heart, or maybe a change of heart to just investigate further. what is going on? when we hear 55 million babies have died since roe versus wade, there's a lot of people wanting to know, am i a part of this? and i think that complacency and not hearing the words immortal sin or that you're actually killing a life, people years ago would have said my daughter's having a baby, we'll figure out how it works, is different now. we stand in the gap when a grandmother-to-be who thinks she's too young hears her daughter is having a baby, that instead of being overwhelmed she sees there's people standing in the wingsides, pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, there's a lot of people. that's who we hope to be standing by when we say there's other information, other choices. we found out that won't pregnancy centers is charging $35. most of the
Mar 10, 2013 5:00am PDT
change. >> and that comes in bearing my time here, not to cut you off or interrupt you, rethinking the other in antiquity is a later work, but -- >> much later. >> but the antiquity -- rethinking the other, the theme of this discussion, the other, the bad guys, the people there who are different from us we embody them with evil and so on, rethinking that, but still it's a book for our times, i assume. >> well, i would like to think it is a book for our time because, as i said, i'd like to see antiquity as a positive model rather than a negative model for our times in terms of these enter connections and the sense of a mutual regard, a mutual respect that ancient society has had for one another, that i would like to see a similar kind of attitude that goes beyond the demonizing, that goes beyond the detachment and distancing of other ethnic groups and national groups because i think that is much more the -- it goes much more to the heart of the ancient attitudes than does this kind of demonizing and i can give countless illustrations of that too. >> well, we say that persia is still
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4